Africa Health is the principle output of FSG Communications Ltd a company founded in 1985 by Bryan Pearson its editor/publisher.

The journal was launched in 1978 by IPC Middle East Publishing Co Ltd (now a part of Reed Elsevier) from an office in Morden, South London. The first editor was Ken Edghill who employed Bryan to be the Feature Writer for the title at its launch. Bryan took over as Editor in 1983 and then in 1985 effected a management buyout to set up what is now FSG Communications Ltd as an independent entity. Paul Chinnock edited the title for much of the 1990s including a period when the company was bought by MediMedia International (in 1998) and expanded to cover the Caribbean region as well. MediMedia was then bought by Vivendi Universal (in 1999). Then with Vivendi imploding, Bryan Pearson bought the title back at the end of 2001, relaunched FSG Communications Ltd, and took over again as editor in a slimmed down operation.

With funds from the UK's Department for International Development, the journal concept was reexamined and Mera (Medical Education Resource Africa) was launched. It provided for a multiple offering with Mera being the overall carrier. It included Africa Health journal, and it also included the Royal Society of Health's Tropical Doctor journal subsequently replaced by African Health Sciences out of Makerere Medical School, Kampala, and then on a rotating basis, Diabetes International, or the African Journal of Respiratory Medicine, or a compilation publication called Journal Choice which included a selection of articles from the African medical literature. It was a successful formula and additional financial support came in from groups such as the Global Fund on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, the Global Health Workforce Alliance, and Norway's Norad. A complex system of distribution was developed which involved having a group available in every country to clear copies from customs and then effect a largely hand delivered in-country distribution. The channels exist, you just have to go and find them.

In 2009, evaluation revealed that whilst the journal was still highly valued, much of the original research content was not being read by the majority of the readership. What they wanted, was more review material. More continuing professional development. This was very much in line to the trend across the continent as governments started to get to grips with the human resources for health crisis, and realise the importance of CPD and in-service training and support. Many health workers had migrated because they simply felt undervalued and neglected.

In September 2009 Africa Health was relaunched as a CPD stand alone journal, and this web site was devised to provide an open access opportunity for readers to access the content, as well as to develop a forum for other resources. Our peer-reviewed Diabetes (AJDM) and Respiratory (AJRM) journals are also made available on an open access basis, with their review articles (as opposed to original research) appearing in Africa Health.

The journal has filled an important gap in the literature in Africa and for many readers it has been the only publication received. Other titles can be anticipated. Much emphasis is currently being placed on the development of individual country editions of the journal to enable an enhanced service to readers.

Today, FSG Communications Ltd remains a small publishing company, dedicated to healthcare publishing and continuing professional development in Africa. It has also organised a series of major conferences and exhibitions under the brand Medic Africa, through many of Africa's capital cities.


We run a two-tier system for subscriptions to Africa Health journal... and there are options for payment in local currency in some African countries.

International subscribers: If you reside within the European Union: £73 per annum. Elsewhere in the world: £103 or US$173 (airmail). Health professionals resident in Africa: £40 per annum (airmail from the UK)

Payment options

  • Payment can be made by cheque or plastic card.
  • Cheques: must be drawn on a UK account.
  • Cards: We accept Mastercard, Visa or American Express. Details need to be sent by post, fax or email providing: name on card, card number, expiry date, and security number (last 3 digits on back of card).

Penny Lang
Subscriptions Manager
FSG Communications Ltd
Vine House, Fair Green,
Reach, Cambridge,
CB25 0JD, UK
Fax: +44 1638 743998
E-mail: penny@fsg.co.uk

Direct distribution outlets

Africa-based readers If you are resident in sub-Saharan Africa you may be able to receive the journal free, but the only way to guarantee yourself a copy is to subscribe. You can get your copy from the UK (see above) or payment in local currency is possible in the following countries for which we now have direct distribution services: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The cost via these outlets is the equivalent to £30 per annum in the local currency.

Kwami Ahiabenu II
PMB Accra North
Accra, Ghana
Tel: 0244 319181
Cheques payable to: Knowledge Innovations

Kenya Africa Health Office
C/O Phillips Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Power Technics Complex
Mombasa Road
P O Box 4662-00100
Nairobi , Kenya
Cheques payable to: Phillips Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Nigeria Dr A P Balogun
P O Box 7247
Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234 809 999 9256
Email: balo@afrocet.com
Cheques payable to: Afrocet Ltd

Africa Health
c/o APHFTA, 55/64 Lumumba Street
P O Box 13234, Dar es Salaam.
Tel: 255 22 2184667/2184508.
Email: ogillo@yahoo.com
Cheques payable to APHFTA

Mr Nhlanhla Masuku
USK International Ltd
P O Box 4891
Harare, Zimbabwe
Cheques payable to: USK International

Advertising in Africa Health

We welcome the placement of commercial advertising in the Journal. The vast majority of our readers – certainly those based in Africa – receive Africa Health free of any subscription charges. A combination of donor support by the leading international agencies and income from advertising ensures we can continue in this way providing our readership with the only healthcare publication both relevant and practical to Africa’s own circumstances.

Advertising in Africa Health has specific and very tangible benefits for our commercial clients. 30 years of continuous publication has built an envied reputation for informed excellence within our distribution area of mainly sub Saharan, English speaking Africa. The Journal has become the region’s most effective print media platform for the dissemination of information to its healthcare professionals. Our advertisers and clients openly acknowledge the power and authority of Africa Health.

Our offering

We offer a number of both traditional as well as more innovative ways of engaging commercially with our clients :

  • Our exclusive Publishing Partner Programme, providing exceptional features and value for its participants
  • Competitive Spot and Serial advertising to fit your campaign objectives
  • Inclusion of clearly defined Client facing supplements in the Journal
  • Publication of Special Review sections in the Journal, giving focus to a specific healthcare or related issue
  • Sponsorship opportunities surrounding both of our specialist healthcare publications – AJRM and AJDM - and within Africa Health itself

Without labouring the point, editorial control remains at all times with the Editor. However we are always happy to discuss with the client’s Public Relations and Marketing teams the right way for both parties to strengthen the commercial relationship without incurring any reputational risk for either side.

Finally, we adhere at all times to the IFPMA and WHO guidelines on advertising content, and ask our clients to do so too. The UK Advertising Standards Authority summed it up many years ago. Advertising must be legal, decent, honest and truthful! We can’t put it better.

Having read this far, and if you would like to know more, then please contact our Business Development Director, Michael Hodgson-Hess using our contact form.

He will be delighted to send you a simple Information and Media Pack in PDF format.

We look forward to answering your questions, and welcoming you as a client.

The Publisher, Africa Health.


Dr Harry Wallace-Bruce, Principal Medical Officer, 37 Military Hospital, Accra, Ghana 'Very useful journal, very educative and a must for every medical practitioner.'

Dr Frank Nyonator, Director, Ghana Health Service 'The Journal has been an important CME resource in the Ghana Health Service quest to provide current information on health and health-related issues. It is my fervent hope that the journal will go a long way to improve upon quality of care in service delivery.'

Tony-Waka Udezi, Vaccine Rep, Benin City, Nigeria 'The Journal has done a great service to the healthcare professions. I have seen copies in the hands of healthcare providers in several Nigerian states. You know what? They guard them like a child making sure his candles are not stolen! A borrowed copy must be returned!'

Shima Gyoh, Clinical Supervisor, Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria 'Professional journals within the country in the last 25 years have appeared and disappeared with disturbing rapidity. Surviving ones have been few and poorly distributed even in teaching hospitals. (Yours) is the only international health publication (that) reaches many doctors. It has been a precious document...'

Alemayehu Eshetu, Physician, Jimma Hospital, Ethiopia '(The journal) is rendering a valuable service o physicians and other health workers in my area by providing up-to-date information on health and clinical management principles of most common diseases in Africa.'

Dr Ebong Akpabio, Ministry of health and social services, Kunene region, Opuwo, Namibia 'AH has been a great contributor to the improvement of the health of Africans in the last 25 years through its continuing education of medical professionals in Africa who have little or no access to other means of CPD.'

Dr Anthony Adofo Ofosu, District Director of Health Services, Berekum District, Brong Ahofo Region, Ghana 'I personally enjoy reading Africa Health. It has become my window to evolving knowledge in the world. It is the stone on which I sharpen my brain. It keeps me in shape intellectually!'

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